Weather Briefings and our media division, Weatherite, have been a part of the broadcast landscape for over 30 years in various reincarnations. We’ve evolved as the needs of the broadcast industry have changes and technology has advanced. Some things don’t change though, especially in the radio business. The need for engaging, informative and “comfortable” personalities to present your broadcast product won’t change as long as radio continues to transmit. Now with the addition of the internet, podcasting, live social media and more, a strong, solid team of broadcast meteorologists is an asset that‘s too valuable to let the competition own and market. We bring authoritative information, accurate forecasts, pleasant and likeable personalities, and reliable service to your broadcast operation. Our service is customized to every client – we can make weather a turnkey profit center for your broadcast operation and a regular tune-in for your listening/viewing audience….radio, TV, podcasts, social media…we do it all! 

Check out a few of our broadcast talent here:

mp3s follow…should add a FB live and a WRNR 7 Day forecast graphic here also.

Our broadcast meteorologists become a part of your radio station(s) personality.
Ask some of our stations who have been working with oru meteteorologists for
alopst 30 yearsTaped feeds, witty banter with your AM/PM drive time broadcasters
and immediate live braodcasts during severe weather 24/7 make us the only choice
for radio weather.  Listen to our MP3 feeds. WE will build our format,
schedules and team according to your wishes.
  Weatherite Radio  -will fooer group discounts for larger
groups and offer maket excludivity.

Weatherbriefings National Podcast

We are proud to present a daily comprehensive video podcast highlighting current significant weather events, and giving you a glimpse of our exceptional forecast abilities by discussing the meteorology over the next few weeks.

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